Tik Tok (former Music.ly) is one of those social networks that appear “suddenly” and gradually gain space among users, drawing attention also from companies of all sizes.

Tik Tok is basically a social network where users can publish videos up to 60 seconds. By counting on several effects and the possibility of dubbing, the videos become highly creative and fun, viralising on the internet.

This application is known worldwide and its largest audience is concentrated in China and India, but countries like the United States and Australia have also embraced the idea of Tik Tok and is a success there, especially with the adhesion of public figures like Jimmy Fallon.

In Brazil, Tik Tok began to become popular last year, but in 2020 there was a boom of Brazilian users inside the application, from Influencers, Youtubers and, mainly, teenagers who make several funny videos that viralize very fast on the internet.

The application is already among the 5 most downloaded in the world, having topped the list during a period, surpassing social networks such as: Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

With all this worldwide popularity, the app is filling the eyes of companies that have seen great business potential. Even Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook – is already updating Instagram’s stories to get closer to the features that Tik Tok offers…

If you go to his profile and look at the stories, you’ll notice a new mode, Clipes, where you can make videos similar to the Tik Tok model, but with fewer resources.

In other words, Tik Tok is making great businessmen to optimize networks to compete with all the video creation functions it offers.

But is Tik Tok good for corporate marketing strategies?

This is one of the most recurring questions in the business world today, and one that is generating debate about the application’s functionality.

To clarify this question once and for all, learn about the main features of Tik Tok and how it can be used in your company.

Main features of Tik Tok

Video Editing

Tik Tok is a super simple application to produce and share short videos (from 15 to 60 seconds).

The most common are videos of musical dubbing, dancing, humor scenes… But they are not the only ones possible. You can make videos with your brand’s face the way you want and simply use Tik Tok’s features to make the video more attractive.


One of the most interesting features of Tik Tok is the intelligent algorithm that privileges content generated in your location and from people close to you, always with themes related to what you like.

For example: The videos that will appear to you, in their majority, will be videos in Portuguese from people close to you and related to the content you are looking for and like.

Also, when launching a video on Tik Tok, it goes through three stages of visibility to understand if the content is really good.

In the first step, the video is shown to up to 500 people. From that, the algorithm makes a test of engagement (if the video pleased, gave retention, if they stopped to see, the number of tastes) and understands if it can move to the next step.

In the second stage, the video appears for up to 50 thousand people and passes the same test of engagement. If approved, the video goes to the third – and last – stage.

In the third step, your video will be shown to up to half a million users inside Tik Tok. Once you pass this last engagement test, the video is considered viral and is shown to the rest of the audience.

The good thing about this is that all types of video have the potential to viralise. On the Tik Tok platform, home videos, even without so much quality, can go further than on any other social network.

Possibility of Crossover

Another point worth mentioning here is the decentralization of the application, since it is not necessary to directly enter Tik Tok to access the videos.

What has been happening a lot on the internet is that Tik Tok’s viral videos are shared with other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, some brands use the application simply to edit videos that will be used on these other social networks. This is what we call Crossover.

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