If we look at the past, we can see how the business model has changed to the present society. The creation of the Internet allowed us to obtain unlimited information and cooperate with a large number of people.

We can say that it has developed to the point of allowing technology to be present in all aspects of daily life: in leisure, in health, in the way of relating…

In the case of business, the insertion of technology has allowed the creation of new effective marketing strategies, and has also given way to the very important online marketing. That’s why I’m going to explain below why you should use it.

Is online marketing mandatory to grow as a company?

The answer is yes. Online marketing is almost compulsory for every company that wants to have an unlimited audience. It is true that there are SMEs that were created long before the inclusion of businesses on the Internet and that continue to survive without it, but they are not the most advisable example due to their low growth and small audience.

Today’s society shows users connected to the Internet in one way or another 24 hours a day, so every company must have the ability to develop digital marketing strategies that allow you to be connected.

Although social networks, blogs and RRSS are gaining momentum, the most effective tactics currently are mass emailing and search engine marketing.

Parts your marketing plan should include

Even so, for your business to be really profitable, you should not limit yourself to creating a website and a few social networks, but you should design a marketing plan that shows: the objectives to be achieved, the strategies to follow and the marketing actions on the Internet. These are the essential parts that your marketing plan must have:

  • Analysis: it must be done both in the external market, and in the situation within the company.
  • Setting objectives: they are the basis of the strategies, and they must be very specific.
  • Market segmentation: based on the company’s current customers.
  • Adaptation and flexibility: if the public you want to contact is very present in social networks, the strategy must focus on these and not on an offline medium such as newspapers.
  • Planning: establish in a period of time the correct implementation of the campaign so that if something fails, there is time to remedy it.

Some online marketing strategies you should use

The clearer you are about the ideas and steps to follow, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals. Here are the strategies you should follow to make your business successful:

Content Marketing

Despite the time and effort this strategy requires, its results are worthwhile. Content marketing is about replacing aggressive contact techniques with creating free value content to attract our target audience.

This long-term strategy, in addition to building customer loyalty, also serves to build and position your brand in search engines, increase traffic and generate trust.

Conversational Marketing

It is one of the most beneficial strategies for companies. Its purpose is to establish a two-way communication between your brand and your audience using social networks, and replacing the informative purpose by establishing an emotional link.

By being close to your customers, you will create a community where they will feel cared for and their opinion will be valued.

Inbound marketing

Like content marketing, it consists of offering quality content that is distributed through various channels such as blogs, social networks or email marketing.

For this content to be of value it must be attractive and showy, and it must always be accompanied by images that summarize the content of the text. If we do not want to have a problem with copyright it is advisable to know the best banks of free images.


It consists of creating a brand image, with a fixed personality, which allows the target audience to attribute specific characteristics to your brand and feel identified with it.

With this strategy, what you manage to sell is an experience instead of a product, always associated with some colors, typography or image.

Some benefits of online marketing

  • Your audience expands indefinitely and you connect with it: anyone, from anywhere with an Internet connection, can get to know your business. It also allows you to solve doubts, have a more fluent communication and even learn what they are looking for in the market.
  • Enhancement of the brand image: marketing strategies allow you to create a reputation, to know what is thought about your brand, and also to make a space in the market.
  • You reduce costs: if you have already done advertising campaigns in traditional media, you will see how online campaigns have a lower price.

The use of the internet has numerous advantages over traditional marketing, so if you want your business to be profitable, you must take these ideas, develop them according to your company and put them into practice.