In my opinion Coilhead is the gateway for those who want to know steam. Of course we know that in national territory they don’t cost as cheap as in international lands, where their cost is made to be worth the “disposable” nomenclature. Different from Brazil, where the price does not follow this trend.

Coilhead’s have a fundamental role for those who want to know the steam due to its practicality, because there are those who seek to get out of smoking without any kind of work or necessarily a wide knowledge, as well as there are the enthusiasts who no longer defend the use of Coilhead and opt for the construction itself.

I, as a content generator, do defend the use of Coilhead!

I have contact with old people, people with disabilities or simply people who want practicality. In other words, they don’t want to build. But they want to have a minimum of basic knowledge just to give up smoking. So, Coilhead for me is very important and has its role. As well as learning to build is also very important! I emphasize.

For reasons of economy there is not always available the type of Coilhead for your device in Brazilian V Shop. And this is bad for those who depend on this change from time to time.

Talking about improvements, the innovations in Coilhead’s (Mesh as an example), gave an extra gain in Taste / Steam. It became much more noticeable certain types of notes in certain types of liquids (Juices) and this was sensational, even because, most users of V use Coilhead.

But they demand a certain attention for the proportion of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) of the liquid used, taking into account that there has a resistance one (coil) previously wrapped by a cotton. This will also influence the steam.

I have to know what kind of liquid I am using. If the liquid is very sweet “style” Dessert, it has many inputs / additives and all this will influence the useful life of Coilhead. This discussion leads us to enter into another tenuous and also very polemic line that it is:

Wash Coilhead’s! Can you or can’t you?

That’s the second question I get the most. The first is what kind of nicotine should I use in my Coilhead? If I can use Nicsalt’s or Freebase.

We should not necessarily stick to the type of nicotine but the ratio of PG and VG, since I can have the same liquid 70/30 in Freebase or Nic Salt’s, usually nicsalts are marketable in 50/50 and Freebase more traditional 70/30. However I can also have a nicsalt in 70/30 and a Freebase in 50/50! But this we will explain in another occasion.

About washing Coilhead, on YouTube you will see several videos teaching you how: 12 hours of sauce in vodka, 12 hours of sauce in water, 12 hours drying in the sun, Cereal Alcohol etc…
I am totally against Coilhead’s washing, since it is disposable and has a useful life approximately one week, 10 days, 15 days maximum depending on the use. This depends a lot on how you use it and which liquids you use in your atomizer, all this influences a lot. In the last case, if you don’t have any more and it will make you go back to the cigarette, oops, then yes it is justifiable to wash a Coilhead… but in the last case!

Already knowing that it will never have that initial taste and capillarity. With this, Damage Reduction starts not to make you feel anymore. It is more valid the precaution, prevention and organization. You have to organize yourself so that you don’t run out of coilhead. You need to order more when you realize that you only have the last one and that it is already in use. Take also into consideration the time of delivery and some sporadic event that may be happening at the moment as well as the current scenario today.

In short, we have excellent Coilhead’s on the market today, models in Mesh that deliver a very satisfactory taste and steam.

I would be attentive only to the type of liquid you use and also the financial condition to maintain these Coilhead’s. If you don’t have a favorable financial condition, or the financial scenario is not opportune, it would be very important to learn how to build. After all, knowledge is never too much! Even more so when applying the economy together.

With these considerations in mind, I would say that 60/40, 60% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 40% PG (Propylene Glycol) liquids would be the ideal liquids for a Coilhead, where we wouldn’t have a very viscous liquid that would diminish Coilhead’s useful life. On the other hand, 50/50 liquids could have leaks through Air Flow (Tank Air Control).

Also knowing that sweeter liquids and/or with a higher percentage of VG could decrease the life of the Coilhead.

So, taking all this into consideration, I make my choices, knowing that very sweet liquids will end up a little bit faster with Coilhead, so I will have to do coilhead replacements faster, or, I choose only a liquid that is not so sweet, a fruity one maybe, something lighter, that is less aggressive to my Coilhead, that doesn’t use so many additives, etc.

Either way, that’s where I get the subjectivity about prolonging the life of my Coilhead OR about having something very sweet that pleases my taste, but which unfortunately makes me buy more Coilhead’s early, so I don’t run out of my steam.

And that was my comment about Coilhead, I hope you like it, that we meet here more often and that together we can discover much more about steam and about this wonderful world of V that with every minute that passes, new adepts emerge and discover the benefits of these devices, these liquids, which are scientifically proven in the UK to be 95% less harmful than traditional analogue cigarettes.

If you want to learn more about v cartridges, please follow their page for more information.